About Signature Dove

Signature Dove is a group of different venues created by Palomma Casanova or places Dove’s enjoy a lot in Second Life. Some started in 2005 like the well known “FREE DOVE FASHION”. In this blog you will be inform of activities done at Second Life created, blogged and managed by the same person. I hope you can enjoy any of the posts in the future.

Venues are:

The Free Dove  find info at Free Dove blog

Free Dove Location is here: Click here to teleport


The Free Dove Plaza is part of the amazing FREE DOVE where you can find 11 stores of designers!

Dazzle Event find info at Dazzle blog

Dove Goddess Romance Park

Goddess Apartment Towers A & B

Dove Goddess Park Caves

Sunflower Memories Park

Peristeri Kids Park

Active Urban Rentals click here for rental info  

Landmarks will be provided soon